Viviane Yargeau yargeau 3Cs laboratory


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invited presentations

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  3. Estrogen monitoring EU Working Group, February 2016, Paris, France, Estrogen Monitoring Campaign in Canada: Experiences and plans
  4. Canadian Water Network Event - #FlushGate 100 days later, February 2016, Montreal, Canada Independent expert hired by Environment Canada regarding the #FlushGate
  5. International workshop on nanocomposite materials for photocatalytic degradation of pollutants, November 2015, Kulala Lumpur, Malaysia, Photocatalysis: What remains in water after treatment?
  6. ChemEng Corporate Talk, March 2014, Montreal, Canada, Beyond the Ivory Tower
  7. Canadian Society of Chemistry, May 2013, Quebec City, Canada, Treatment of emerging contaminants: Are we solving the problem or creating another one?
  8. Testing the waters: First international multidisciplinary conference on detecting illicit drugs in wastewater, May 2013, Lisbon, Italy, Drugs of Abuse in Canadian Wastewaters
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Other contributions

  1. TECHNICAL REPORT: CYR, D., HAUSLER, R., YARGEAU, V., Rapport d’examen par des experts indépendants des renseignements techniques et scientifiques concernant le déversement d’effluent d’eaux usées non traitées dans le fleuve Saint-Laurent prévu par la Ville de Montréal, submitted to Environment Canada, October 2015, 30p.
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  4. INTERVIEW: Entrevue par Radio-Canada pour un reportage de 30 minutes sur la problématique des produits pharmaceutiques. Le documentaire a été diffusé à plus de trois reprises sur le Réseau de l'information (RDI) entre le 29 avril et le 2 mai 2007.