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The presence of xenobiotics, such as engineered nanomaterials, pharmaceuticals and illicit drugs, and personal care products in the environment has raised concerns about the impact of these contaminants on the environment and on public health. However, there are still large knowledge gaps that interfere with the ability of regulatory agencies and municipalities to make informed decisions that will protect the environment, water systems and public health from the impacts of contaminants of emerging concern (CECs). In addition, the currently available knowledge is insufficient to allow proposing ways to control the release of CECs into the environment. Our research program is multi-disciplinary, including chemical and environmental engineering, analytical chemistry, microbiology and ecotoxicology. The main research activities of the group, developed with the long-term objective of protecting our water resources, span three main research areas:


Developing/Improving treatment technologies for municipal and industrial wastewaters to mitigate the release and impacts of CECs



Studying the nature and toxicity of transformation products of CECs and treated wastewaters



Performing environmental assessment to evaluate the contribution of wastewater to discharges of CECs into the environment and the potential for wastewater treatment to mitigate environmental impacts.



Some contaminants

  • antibiotics
  • natural & synthetic estrogens
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs
  • blood lipid regulators
  • drugs of abuse

Ongoing projects

NSERC Strategic - 2016-2019

Wastewater in small, rural communities: Integrated sewage lagoon and ozone treatment

PI: C. Metcalfe

Co-applicant: V. Yargeau

Supporting organization: Aclarus Ozone Water Systems

NSERC Collaborative Research Grant- 2014-2017

Development of a novel ozonation system at pilot scale for wastewater disinfection and removal of contaminants of emerging concern

PI: V. Yargeau

Supporting organisation: Air Liquide

Co-applicant: C. Metcalfe

NSERC Discovery - 2015-2020

Evidencing that improvements to wastewater treatment and use of fate models protect sources of drinking water

PI: V. Yargeau

Ontario Ministry of Environment - 2013-2017

Application of bioanalytical tools for rapid assessment of residual biological activity of wastewater using in vitro cell-based assays

PI: V. Yargeau

CIHR - 2016-2021

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals: Towards Responsible Replacements

PI: B. Hales, McGill

EU 7th Framework - 2013-2016

LIMPID: Nanocomposite Materials for Photocatalytic Degradation of Pollutants

PI: L. Curri, CNR Italy

Environment Canada - 2012-2015

Removal of engineered nanoparticles from wastewater systems

PI: V. Yargeau

Co-applicant: S. Ghoshal, McGill

Earth Alive Clean Technologies

Green Technologies for Dust control & Soil Amendment

PI: V. Yargeau