Viviane Yargeau yargeau 3Cs laboratory

main instruments at 3cS

With CFI and NSERC funding, we have established at McGill a state-of-the-art laboratory for research on various aspects related to the presence, fate, removal in wastewater treatment and toxicity of contaminants of concern and their transformation products. Our facilities include:


LC-HRMS: Accela & LTQ Orbitrap XL Thermo Scientific
GC-MS: Trace GC & Polaris Q Ion Trap MS Thermo Fisher
IC/LC-MS: Dionex ICS 5000 & MSQ Plus Mass detector Thermo Scientific




other instruments

  • Microtox┬«
  • Accelerated solvent extraction system
  • microwave extraction system
  • automatic solid phase extraction


laboratory Services

How can our expertise be of help to you?

At 3Cs Laboratory, we can analyze various samples (solids or liquids) for the presence and amount of organic contaminants. For example, using one of our mass spectrometers we can determine concentrations of pharmaceuticals in water.


  • analysis of environnmental samples
  • lc-HRms & GC-MS
  • Bioassays: microtox, LUMINOTOX & yes/yas assay

Laboratory Services Requests

for more information about our services and rates please contact us:

Prof. Viviane Yargeau: 514-398-2273

or send us an email