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about prof viviane Yargeau

Viviane Yargeau
  1. Member, International Management Committee, Advanced Oxidation Specialist Group of the International Water Association (IWA)
  2. Editor, Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
  3. Member, Board of Directors, Earth Alive
  4. Senior Scientific Advisor, Earth Alive


contact information


3610 University Street

Department of Chemical Engineering

Wong Building, room 4180

McGill University

Montreal. Quebec, Canada, H3A 0C5

TEL: 514-398-2273




awards & recognition

  • Ministere de l'Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport, Teaching Chair, 2009-2017

current team members

Emily Curling
SIMINA ALUNGULESA, Masters candidate

Integrated ozonation/lagoon treatment



Yasmin Cherif
YASMIN CHERIF, Masters candidate

Exposure to flame retardants and plasticizers through drinking water and removal during water treatment

Marie-Line Peyot
MARIE-LINE PEYOT (PhD), Part-time Research Assistant
Analytical laboratory.


Marco Pineda
MARCO PINEDA, Research Assistant

Analytical laboratory and bioassays.





Marco Pineda
Bashash Shaikh, PhD candidate

Prevention strategies to minimize expsosure to flame retardants and plasticizers through water.



Chelsie Wong
CHEL SIE WONG, Undergraduate Researcher
Factors affecting the use of wastewater-based epidemiology.



Petr Kolozov, PhD

Beau Schlageter, Masters

Xuejie Huang, UG

Linda Taylor, RA


Meghan Marshall, PhD

Paul Westlund, PhD

Karem ElKayar, Masters

Robin Jeandroz, Visiting Masters

Emily Curling, UG

Vincent Dallemand-Duval, UG


Deniz Nasuhoglu, PDF

Zeina Baalbaki, PhD

François-Johan Chassaing, Masters

Hindi Abdi, Masters - Project Option

Kimia Tahmasebi, UG

Angela Nguyen, UG


Adamo Petosa, Reasearch Assistant

Alexandre Thérrien, Reasearch Assistant

Dany Roy, Masters

Liam Fiztpatrick, Undergad. Researcher

Li Shen, PhD

Marius Majewsky, Visiting PDF

Melissa Djap, Masters

Michael Nguyen, Undergad. Researcher

Rachel Benoit, Research Assistant

Sapia Murgolo, Visiting PhD

Sarah Neamatallah, Masters

Siavash Isazadeh, PDF


Angela Radayan, PhD

Arianne Duschesne, Masters - Project Option

Shadi Afana, Undergad. Researcher

Jonathan Fielding, Undergad. Researcher

Marieta Rangelova, Research Assistant


Pedro Segura, PDF

Adam Fontaine, Masters

Marie Vanlian, Masters

Trevor Seelert, Masters

Karim Saadi, Masters-Project Option

Stéphane Liégey, Undergrad, Researcher


Deniz Nasuhoglu, Research Assistant

Joshua Kastner, Masters

Pearl Kaplan, Fullbright Scholar

Shadi Afana, Undergrad. Researcher


Geraldine Delbès, PDF

Deniz Nasuhoglu, PhD

Simone Larcher, PhD

Dominic Aebi, Masters

Rodrigo Caris Andrade, Masters

Li Shen, Masters - Project Option

Li'En Lim, Undergrad. Researcher


Guixin Shi, PDF

Rujira Jirtwung, PhD

Nadia Sabri, Masters

Félix Danylo, Masters

Adam Fontaine, Undergrad. Researcher

Marie-Christine Noel, Undergrad. Res.

Laura Meimari, Research Assistant


Angela Rodayan, Masters

Conrad Hall, Undergrad. Researcher

Edwin Ling, Undergrad. Researcher

Irma Llamosa, Undergrad. Researcher

Jonathan Verret, Undergrad. Researcher

Douglas Duffy, Undergrad. Researcher


Hervé Gauthier, Masters

Monika Chmiel, Masters

Sarah Evangelista, Masters

Haitham Hosny, Undergrad. Researcher

Iain Hamilton, Undergrad. Researcher

Kate Lafferty, Undergrad. Researcher

Mabel Fulford, Undergrad. Researcher

Samuel Bastien, Undergrad. Researcher

Laura Beltran, Research Assistant


Satinder Brar, PDF

Devin O'Grady, Masters

Haitham Hosny, Undergrad. Researcher

Jonathan Rubin, Undergrad. Researcher

Nadia Sabri, Undergrad. Researcher

Suhail Khan, Undergrad. Researcher


Christine Leclair, Masters

Angela Rodayan, Undergrad. Researcher

Caitlins Huot, Undergrad. Researcher

David Fong, Undergrad. Researcher

Heba Al-Ghouleh, Undergrad. Researcher

Jonathan Rubin, Undergrad. Researcher

Karina Salerno, Undergrad. Researcher

Stephanie Madendjian, Undergrad. Res.

Anna-Marie Lamontagne, CEGEP


Andrea Butlin, Undergrad. Researcher

Angela Rodayan, Undergrad. Researcher

Tosia Lopata, Undergrad. Researcher