Viviane Yargeau yargeau 3Cs laboratory

what`s new?

The work of the Yargeau Laboratory - Controlling Contaminants of Concern is featured in the magazine Water Canada.
Congratulations to Dany Roy and his team for winning the competition Vertech City.
Congratulations to Dany Roy for his BMP Innovation CRSNG-FRQNT scholarship obtained with the support of Englobe Corp.
Congratulations to Pedro Segura for his position as Assistant Professor at Université de Sherbrooke.
MEDIA COVERAGE: Code Chastenay Episode 131 - Reportage 2.
Publication of a book chapter in Metropolitan sustainability: Understanding and improving the urban environment edited by F. Zeman (Woodhead Publishing).

Prof. Yargeau and her Italian partner Guiseppe Mascolo are selected as finalists for the Premio Venezia of Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada.

The new analytical lab renovated and equipped with CFI support is officially open.

Congratulation to Pedro Segura for being awarded an NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship.